#WinterABC: Bloggers who did the most..

Guys, how do I even write about one person when all of you are too awesome. I legit want to sit in a room with all of you and just listen and learn. Lets make it happen fam, lets just do it lol

Ah guys.. all of you inspired me in your own way but below are a few individuals that I cant help but mention. Please do check out their blogs.


Sha.. me I am proud!! Well done for going through with this challenge. I love, love how your writing has evolved. Well done for pushing. Unodadisa!

Becoming the Muse

I soo loved your humor and thought process! I was having a conversation with a friend of mine just the other day, telling her how much your blogs are thought provoking yet so hilarious. Thank you for being Uncle of bloggers lol ( who says that hahaha)

Josephina’s world

I have never met you but there is something graceful about the way you write, I read every one of your posts on this challenge. I genuinely love your thought process. You are an amazing writer!


Dante, I love the way you were you were just different. Fam you kept your blogs short, sweet and straight to the point and left us wanting more of your creative juice yet satisfied at the same time.

Phew! Let me stop here!

Cant believe its day 28 already!

We are almost done fam

6 thoughts on “#WinterABC: Bloggers who did the most..

  1. To sit in a room with all the African Bloggers its a dream that seems closer each day, it will happen!!!

    Wow I hope while you were at it you also told your friend to stop by my blog and count the teeth from the gift horse’s mouth right??

    If someone can be a mother of dragons, why cant I be Uncle of Bloggers
    thanks and cheers


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