Women of the Bible: Hagar

It’s been an amazing month of digging into the lives of the women of the Bible. We have learnt so much from the journey and we hope you have too. Now to wrap this up — we will be talking about Hagar, one of the least celebrated women of the Bible.

We are introduced to Hagar when Sarai was proposing to her husband for him to lay with their maid in order to get a child. Next we are told that Abram got intimate with her, then she became pregnant. We often focus on the fact that Hagar resented her mistress afterwards, but I’d like to think maybe one of the reasons was because probably she felt objectified.

See, she probably was just doing her work and next thing she was being talked into getting intimate with her boss. We don’t even know if liked she him in that way, but clearly she didn’t have much of a choice. Fast forward she becomes pregnant. Do you think she was still getting attention from Abraham or she had fulfilled her “duty” and that was it? I am struggling to judge her for resenting Sarai. But then again, that’s just me.

Moving on, it seems the system was not built for her to express her emotions. We see her being treated harshly for being expressive and in turn she runs away. I imagine how afraid she was being pregnant and alone in that wilderness.

However, what fascinates me is how Hagar identified the voice of God in the midst of all the chaos that she was going through. Not only did she hear Him but she also obeyed and went back to her mistress in all humlity. Later we see the cycle happening again years after she gave birth, and this time she is sent way with her son— Ishmael. The journey wasn’t smooth but we see God reaching out when she was at the verge of abandoning her son. The Lord then assured that her son would be a great nation and this kept her going.

What we learn from Hagar is that, sometimes the struggles we face in life are not always because of our own wrong doings. Though its easy to get bitter, we always need to have a heart that is open to hear God’s voice and not allow our circumstances to be louder His voice. Just when you think you have reached the end of your road, He will give you a thousand reasons to go on.

Maybe life hasn’t been so kind to you as well. Like Hagar, maybe you are struggling because of other people’s decisions. I want you to know that God sees your heart and He will meet you at your point of need and bless you. Your story will end well because in Him, victory is certain.


Father thank you for being my very present Help in times of need. I know you are still with me even at my lowest. Help me to trust Your heart in days where I can’t really see Your hand. I know your heart wants to prosper me and give me a good end. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

7 thoughts on “Women of the Bible: Hagar

  1. I never really thought much about her not having a choice in the matter. We are so quick to focus on her resentment towards Sarah. Thank you for the reminder that He sees us in every situation if our life and is with us through everything.

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  2. Praise God our stories will end well because in Him; victory is certain! Thank you for that, Moreblessing. Perhaps Hagar thought that providing a son for her master would elevate her position. Instead, she may have felt used, a mere vessel, and afterward allowed subtle, snide behaviors to slip into her interactions with Sarai until the older woman snapped (Genesis 16:4-6). Even so, you are so right: she obeyed the angel of the Lord and returned in humility to Abram’s household. I can’t help but notice the angel didn’t say one word of reproach about Hagar’s reaction to Sarai, demonstrating our Father is indeed a God of love, mercy, and grace!

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