Hi! Welcome to My Melody :)

How this blog came about….

The picture above presents a healthy plant that is shooting out of a rock. This basically sums up the story of my life in one word resilience!

I have had to experience so much on my journey. Pain, laughter, tears, more pain,more laughter,lack and happiness (repeat). Even though it hasn’t been all rosy, I am grateful for every tribulation I have encountered and the lessons that I have had to learn over the years. No doubt this all shaped the woman I am today. I can’t really say  that I am now the epitome of excellence or that I have figured it all out. All I am saying is that some times its good that we fall, get bruised and struggle to walk again but eventually rise on our feet and start running. There is an inexplicable beauty that emerges from being gracefully broken.

This site is a reminder that there is hope in every situation regardless of how dead it may seem. In as much as it is a cliché: Indeed, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Allow God to take you through the process, it might hurt now and it might not make any sense but trust me you will look back to this day and be glad you went through all this. Remember His plans are not to harm you but to give you a good ending.

My Melody emanated from how I find solace in music and how God gives me a new song for every phase I go through good or bad. Whenever I sing it always  comes from the heart and all the words shared here is a reflection of My Melody to the world.